Sylvania Kids

Fulfilling the SWC mission  by:


Serving: Doing projects that are service oriented and focused on helping, bringing joy and showing the love of Christ to others.

Worshipping: Digging deeper into the Word of God and what it means to us personally - more than just the common Bible stories. The goal is to help Sylvania Kids build a strong foundation in Christ to build on the future.
​​​​​​Connecting: Providing regular outings and fellowship opportunities for all of our Sylvania Kids and their families so we can get to know each other better and build relationships to strengthen each other.





Kid's Church

Every Sunday Morning, kids ages 5-12 meet in the Kid's Church room for worship on 'their' level.  They join the adult service with Sylvania Kids leaders for worship music and then return to the Kid's Church room to study "What's In The Bible?"  This curriculem answers questions like: Why is the Bible is so important, Where did we come from, Why is the Bible Trustworthy, and What difference does the Bible make in my life?

Kid's Club

Wednesday evening is an exciting night for kids ages 5-12 at SWC.  Kid's Club is a fun program that gets children involved hands on with different projects and life skills while learning more about following Christ.